International Tax Services

International Services

Having lived and worked in the developing world for several years, Rick Schettler understands the challenges facing expats. Schettler, Macy & Silva serves a variety of Americans working overseas including employees and contractors for non-profits and governmental agencies. The firm also advises small to medium sized businesses with overseas operations as well as foreign companies looking to do business in the US.

SMS aims to ease the tax compliance burdens for Americans living abroad and utilizes technology to make communications easy and secure. Clients living overseas can transfer data securely to SMS using the file transfer option. "Face to face" meetings are available using Skype and various instant messaging programs.

SMS can also assist in collecting financial data for clients living abroad. Brokerage statements, property management statements, and other financial information can be sent to our offices so your information is on hand when needed.

For more information regarding our International Services please contact Rick Schettler by calling 775/624-9104 or email